Tuesday, 28 December 2010

What we did on our labeldays...

We released two records this year. You can listen to (and buy!) these albums using the gizmos on the right hand side of this page.


The first of them was the self-titled debut cd from Wives of Farmers. We dropped that at the end of July when the boys of WoF played an epic launch party set in Penryn. Lee Trewhela at the West Briton said it sounded like "Malkmus doing Death Valley 69 round at Will Oldhams house" which we took to mean Pavement/Sonic Youth/Bonnie 'Prince' Billy comparisons squeezed through the fine sieve of poetry. The folk at Norman Records gave it 4 stars and a prestigious "recommended" slot, saying...

"I couldn't hear this Wives of Farmers CD WELL enough so I had to sprint upstairs to enquire its identity cos it really touched something inside of me. These guys kick out a wicked laid-back old-skool indie rock with lots of dinky shapes & maths-y touches, coming in somewhere between Lazarus Clamp, Seachange, mid-period Clean & Life Without Buildings (without the mad lass chuntering on). This full length recording chugs along in quite a homely & DIY fashion (but not fashionably Lo-Fi thank god!) which totally adds to its effortless charm!"


The second came out only recently, so it doesn't yet know it's rightful place in the world. It's called White Diamonds and it's by Red River Dialect. You can listen to that via the player on the right, this one also copped some Norman Records love...

“a contemporary folk recording with some very subtle psychedelic & dark country elements... he fills his brightly played yet sometimes somber songs with feeling & wonder. An occasional electric steals into the mix & there’s also some harp action to be had. David has a likeable, plaintive voice and his style later on errs slightly towards Bill Callahan/Oldham territory. The playing throughout is full & most engaging… the atmosphere is captivating me... It will appeal to Americana fans but it’s not necessarily of that ilk.” 4 stars Norman Records

Matt Poacher at the Liminal wrote a very insightful piece on the album, which you might enjoy reading here.

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  1. That was indeed an interesting piece...good thoughts.