Saturday, 23 April 2011

Damon and Naomi (of Galaxie 500) Friday May 13th at Miss Peapods

with Michio Kurihara (Ghost, Boris) on guitar and Richard Youngs playing an opening set.

“Like real water in a world of soda-pop” Robert Wyatt

And here they are playing their spectral version of Song to the Siren

This is the first time that the crisp and dreamlike music of Damon and Naomi has made its way to Cornwall in the flesh. Advance purchase of tickets is recommended - They are £9 either from Jam, Falmouth/Miss Peapod’s 01326 274424 or secure online by clicking here. Please note: Doors are at 9pm, music will begin around 945 and finish around midnight.

The duo have attracted critical acclaim ever since their first musical outings in the late 80’s as two thirds of Galaxie 500 (of whom John Peel was a huge fan). After the groups demise they signed to Sub Pop and released a string of albums as a duo before beginning a long and fruitful collaboration with various members of Japanese psych-folk-rock group Ghost. It is Michio Kurihara, Ghost guitarist and sometime member of Boris, who became intrinsic to their new sound and he will be playing with them at the show here in Cornwall. Here’s a song from the forthcoming album ‘False Beats and True Hearts’ entitled ‘And You Are There’

Damon & Naomi with Chris Marker - And You Are There from The Wire Magazine on Vimeo.

In a unique and exciting twist they have also coaxed Richard Youngs to accompany them on tour, playing an opening set with Damon on drums. Youngs is a Scottish musician and songwriter who has probably released more songs than he has made live performances. It is pretty much impossible to sum up his recording career, so diverse it is. He travels between the emotional, the physical and the cerebral and uses every tool at his disposal, so here are two different elements of his remarkable talent.

And here are some words from the press.

“the duo's literate, atmospheric music is sounding more prescient than ever, and they operate at top form on this, their first album of new material in five years… Ghost guitarist Michio Kurihara appears as a virtual third group member, and his impeccable electric guitar contributions are here fully integrated into the immovable foundation of Damon and Naomi's earthy, intimate folk, creating the most satisfying and sheerly transfixing work of the twosome's career.” 8/10 Pitchfork

“Damon and Naomi met in Boston's Galaxie 500, kick-starting a whole school of Velvet Underground derived melancholia in the late 80's. Subsequently they've recorded extensively as a duo in late 60's West Coast singer-songwriter mode, and are lynchpins of an international community of like-minded musicians” Sunday Times

“Since the early 90s, Richard Youngs has been engaged in a dogged journey that has pushed out to the very edges of songwriting. Operating somewhere between oblique sound-collages, performance art and at times a mutant experimental pop music, his work and numerous collaborations document a serially prolific talent that borders on the obsessional.” BBC

“I heard last year that the Scot best known for minimalism, noise, and avant-folk had made a "proper pop album" on a friend's dare... Richard Youngs can now add pop to the list of skills he's mastered, but he couldn't go soft if he tried” Pitchfork

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